Acadia’s Everyday Heroes

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We want to cheer for some of our Acadian neighbors for their heroic work and accomplishments, though they do not get the credit they deserve, much less seek.

Jim & Vickie Pascoe, the “Mayors of Acadia”, are our first residents. Since 2006, the Pascoes have been joined in Acadia by other family members Nicole & Trevor Rheem and their children. A special shout-out to Acadia’s First Family!

Keller Freeman, mother of Acadia’s developers Caleb & Mary Freeman, and her grandson John Freeman, are Acadia residents. Keller’s enthusiasm for all things Acadia, especially the Acadia Meeting House (dedicated to her late husband David L. Freeman), have earned her a warm place in our hearts; she often interrupts our work with steady trays of cookies and lemonade. She is best known as a prolific writer and historian; her seminal work on the Battle of Iwo Jima, The Shadow of Suribachi, is studied at the US Marine Academy. Her poetry collections, historical short stories, and novels are numerous and award-winning. She founded the EMRYS Foundation, supporting southern women writers. Kudos, Keller!

Jim & Jamie Kaltenbach and their girls have brought a lot of fun and joy to Acadia, and great contributions to our Greenville community. Jim’s leadership at Prisma Health’s Philanthropy Office is known to all Acadians. His direction of the Dragon Boat Festival (Go Ragin’ Cajuns!) has raised over $3.5 million to support the talented Cancer Care and Research teams at Prisma. They are making world-class innovations in cancer, and more recently in Covid, treatments. Big thanks for all your efforts and talents!

Wednesday & Sam Cooper have helped many Acadians keep their sanity during Covid. Wednesday’s expert Yoga classes offer a regular, Covid-safe outlet for what we call “house arrest.” This summer, practicing Yoga outdoors at the Pavilion, gives new meaning to “hot yoga”. Much needed and appreciated, Wednesday & Sam!

If you know other unsung Acadian heroes, we want to highlight them in our next edition.

Thanks to all Acadians!

A Guide for Acadian Cyclers

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Acadia’s Namesake

Our community, Acadia is named after the iconic Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. This park was the creation of George Dorr, an original rusticator (today, we’d say “environmentalist”). 

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