The Dog Days of Summer in Acadia

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John Freeman and his best friend Al

The Acadia Community is a great place to live for not only us homo-sapiens, but also our canine companions. With four miles of walking trails, lots of sidewalks, the village green, the soccer field, and many other common areas, there are always opportunities to stretch all four legs or grab a game of fetch. Of course, we do require leashes to keep everyone safe, fur-covered or otherwise. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to frolic without constraints. The Cassie’s Run dog park- named after our developers dearly departed chocolate lab- provides just the place.

So, Acadia certainly has plenty of room for dogs, but how big is the pooch population? Quite large, as it turns out. Take a one-block stretch on Fathers Drive, for example. In the span of eight homes, there are 13 dogs. Good things often come in pairs: there are two Jack Russel Terriers, Corky and Toby, two curly-haired cuties, Tucker and Abby, two Dachshunds, JD and Bailey, and two Beagles, Zoey and Haley. There are also two sisters from other misters, Piper and Tinny, and solo-acts like Gus and Eddie. Of course, the best dog on the block is Al the Corgi; this is in no way related to the fact that he is owned by the co-developer of the community.

If you expand your search just around the corner on Acadia Avenue, you can add Toby the Husky to the mix, and just across the alley from the terrier brothers are Chester and Georgie, and there are many more to meet across all 170 families living in the community. The dog days of summer are here in Acadia, but if you can beat the heat you’ll find lots of reasons to get your tail wagging.

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Acadia’s Namesake

Our community, Acadia is named after the iconic Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. This park was the creation of George Dorr, an original rusticator (today, we’d say “environmentalist”). 

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