Acadia’s Newest Neighbors

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This week we celebrate our newest Acadian neighbors, John Hammes & Carrie Dale. They have just moved into their beautiful home in Acadia. As they are unpacking their boxes, they are also building treasure boxes at their business, Softbox Systems, a specialty packaging company for the pharmaceutical industry, located here in Greenville, SC.

We were excited to see that the very first delivery of Covid-19 vaccines in Britain and the US were shipped in Softbox containers, truly a treasure chest if ever there was one! We are so proud of their contribution, and welcome them to our Acadia community.

Thank you, John & Carrie!

A Guide for Acadian Cyclers

For a great article, check out the link below to learn about “A Cycling Enthusiast Guide to Greenville”

Acadia’s Namesake

Our community, Acadia is named after the iconic Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. This park was the creation of George Dorr, an original rusticator (today, we’d say “environmentalist”). 

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